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2019 new design p3.91 indoor rental stage led display with 4880hz refresh

This year we Launch new products new p3.91 stage&event led display , this use our new design pcb , personal hun board , it has belows advantage

1.    Double backup of the signal, and the flow-down backup is involved, Avoid the problems caused by network failure and Power Failure

 2.    Cabinet print position diameter can be reach at  6 cm,  it is powerful for print client logo.

 3.    Two sets of quick locks on the left and right sides of the box to enhance the stability of the screen body

 4.    Axs Series card with 32 sets of data, standard (ic2038s) Refresh up to 4880. 

 5.    Blind plug-in Constant Current plug-in 250 W power supply for charged operation

 6.    Full View mask, 0-180 degrees View angle

 7.    Cabinet thickness added stability, build long ultra-high screen body when screen body bottom stress area enlargement

 8.    Card Slot receiving card to instead of the needle, no longer feel trouble for the pin plug-in

 9.    A cabinet 4 pairs of quick locks, compared to the previous 3 pairs of locks, locked up more tightly, make real seamless connections
      Mechanical express lock, single hand operation

                                                                          New modle VS old modle

                                                             New modle front and back

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